, the best online cannabis shop ( offers a wide variety of products. There are 3 selections of buds: Gold, Silver and Bronze. All of them come from our best indoor selections. The Wolf of CBD offers a complete range of Cbd products for wholesale, bulk and white label. We have exclusive relationships with the biggest hemp growers and manufacturers in Europe. Hemp is a bio-accumulator and can absorb heavy metals and other contamination from the soil. Therefore, our company only works on clean land. We offer certified organic Cbd products while keeping the taste pure. Laboratories, in Perugia, test all of our products to be free from contamination.

Our CBD oil and e-liquids are Made in Italy, made with all-natural ingredients, also suitable for vegans! Rich in Omega 3,6,9 and fatty acids to give you a relaxing and pain-relieving experience. The Wolf of Cbd sells both Cbd oil and E-Liquids in different strengths and all are THC free. We Research & Develop our products in Italy and test them by 3rd party laboratories. Therefore, we ensure a natural and top quality Hemp oil and E-Liquid, while keeping the taste pure.

Wide variety of CBD products made in Italy

All of our products are Made in Italy, from our buds to the cosmetics. There is a lot of work behind our selection of buds and beauty products. We always guarantee top quality products ensuring to maintain the THC content below from what is allowed by the law. Thanks to the influence of the Mediterranean, and the sunny weather, Italy is one of the best Countries to grow hemp. Cbd Oil has been researched to contain all the rich nutrients to help you with stress and insomnia. Furthermore it has been tested to guarantee all of the effects.

TheWolfofCbd has a packaging center in Italy where our trusted and professional workers handle your shipment, to perfection. In addition, The Wolf of Cbd sells products already packaged or bulk according to your convenience. We offer you our packaging or we offer to package any of the products with your own design. Furthermore, we guarantee you a professional packaging and a quick delivery, at your doorstep within 4 days from your order!

CBD Benefits

>Cannabis Light has many benefits, which differ from product to product. Cbd Oil for example targets the whole body and performs an anti-inflammatory and antioxidating action spread evenly throughout the body. Furthermore, it helps from stress and insomnia problems, according to the dosage it performs a stronger or milder action. If you are looking to cure a more targeted area, such as an eczema in your body or a muscle inflammation, The Wolf of Cbd offers a wide range of Cosmetics from Kanaflora.

These products, are each specialized to perform a particular action, such as work on skincare or joints and muscle inflammations.

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